Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Playmakers Scholarship Info

Below is the information and application process for Scholarships to our Spring Playmakers Production:

Scholarships to the Playmakers program are given based on talent, work ethic and financial need. It is our belief that the best students are passionate students. In answering the question about why you (your child) would like to participate in Playmakers please tell us your feelings about performing. For instance, why do you love it? How did you discover it? How to you use what you learn in the rest of your life? Completed essays should be emailed to

Be aware, scholarship awards vary from $50-$150 per-student. We do not offer ‘full ride’ awards. We feel that when a student’s and their family contribute toward the costs of their participation they take greater responsibility for their time in the program.
Also, students receiving scholarships may be asked to write personal thank you letter to our anonymous sponsors.

Payment for the remaining balance after receiving a scholarship is expected before opening night of the performance. We can accept multiple payments can be made throughout the rehearsal period. 

Scholarship essays should be received no later than one month before the first performance.

*Multi-sibling discount: When multiple students from one family are participating in a playmakers production discounts start at $25 off for each additional student:
first student $200, second student: $175, third student: $150. And so on.  Further assistance may be available upon inquiry.

Applying students will write or type a one page essay including:

  1. Why you would like to participate in Playmakers, and/or what you have gained from your previous Playmakers experience.
  2.  (Optional) Any pertinent information about your family’s financial needs.
  3. The amount that you are able to pay toward the class.
  4. Child’s name and birthday along, parent’s name and contact info at the top of the page.

Cast List: Honk! Jr.


Drake                          Harvey Beacham
Ida                              Bekah Harris
Ugly                            Bailey Duncan
Cat                              Kailey Gilbert
Maureen                    Cairo Cook
Henrietta                    Hannah Webb
Grace                          Saige Axelson
Turkey                        Chaz Espinoza
Jay Bird                      Dallen White
Greylag                       Aaron Harris
Dot                              Shantell Angell
Penny                         Mia Gatherum
Mother Swan             Ali Damavandi
Father Swan              Darin Garnica
Bullfrog                      Larissa Orison
Hen/Female Solo       Gabbi Gower

            Eve Webb
            Sam Nakken
Haislee Hill
            Raigen Orton
            Abi Myers
            Andie Halladay
            Eliza Allen
            Claire Allen
            Sarah Sun
            Jinger Axelson
            Lainey Fullmer
            Brecklyn Nelson
            Billy                 Jack Vickers
            Downy            Noah Denhalter
            Beaky              Roslyn Greenhalgh
            Fluff                Georgiana Arnell
Kamryn Krause
                                    Elizabeth Arnell
                                    Gabriella Gomez
                                    Gavin Brown
                                    Ivy Colbert
                                    Kirstin Corry
                                    Eliza Wright
                                    Halle Vickers
Campbel Allen

            Lincoln Paul
            Jacob Arnell
            Chelly Espinoza
            Avery Brown

            Haley Jean Dodgion
            Madison Palfreyman
            Marina Paul
            Cadence Pollock
            Sabrina Grimshaw
            Soleil Grimshaw
            Marnae Axelson
            Kallie Sue Yardley
            Ava Lunt
            Evelyn Eves
Barnyard Quail:
            Makell Corry
            Brooke Bantum
            Luke Roberts
Braquel Bunker
Emily Gardner
Brody Kartchner
Jacqueline Reber
Britton Gardner
Bree Colbert

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cast list Delay


Due to some scheduling conflicts and issues, we are going to delay posting the cast list until next week. We apologize, but we want to make sure we give the proper time and attention to your hard work. Stay tuned, and thanks!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Honk! Jr. Callbacks

Thank you for an incredible night of auditions! We were so pleased with the level of preparedness and courage displayed by everyone who auditioned (all 102 of you!) We feel so blessed to have met you and to have seen such great work.

As we said in the theatre today, the callback list is posted below. JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT ON THE LIST DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE NOT CAST IN THE SHOW. The purpose of callbacks is to make decisions on a few specific roles, not as a marker of wether or not you are cast. We will post the final cast list on Friday.

Callbacks will be from 4:30-6 pm THURSDAY, February 5th, in the SUU Music Building, Room 209. Parents are welcome to watch. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need directions or have questions. We will be moving quickly through songs and parts, so come ready to listen, learn, and act!

Thank you again. We had a blast tonight!

Aaron Harris
Abi Myers
Ali Damavandi
Andie Halladay
Bailey Duncan
Bekah Harris
Braquel Bunker
Brecklyn Nelson
Britton Gardner
Brooke Bantum
Cairo Cook
Chaz Espinoza
Chelly Espinoza
Claire Allen
Dallen White
Eliza Allen
Eve Webb
Gabbi Gower
Georgianna Arnell
Haislee Hill
Hannah Webb
Harvey Beacham
Ivy Colbert
Jacob Arnell
Jinger Axelson
Kailey Gilbert
Kirstin Corry
Lainey Fullmer
Larissa Orison
Lincoln Paul
Luke Roberts
Mia Gatherum
Noah Denhalter
Noehren Eggett
Raigen Orton
Saige Axelson
Samantha Nakken
Sarah Sun
Shantell Angell
Victoria Chandler

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


We are excited to invite students to audition for Honk, Jr. at the Utah Shakespeare Festival Playmakers. This fun, lively show is the story of the ugly duckling, and is full of fun characters, music and dance.

Children ages 6-17 are invited to audition on February 4th from 3-8 pm at the Randall L. Jones Theatre. (Corner of 300 W and Center St.)

Click the Audition tab to get the music and sign up for an audition slot.

In addition, we are hosting a FREE audition prep workshop on February 2nd and 3rd from 4-6pm.  We will be singing through the audition songs, playing games, and helping kids get over the fear of an audition.

The audition workshop will be held in the SUU Music Building, room 209. Park in the Dewey Ave SUU lot, and walk across 200 S. Music Building is labeled and on the left. Room 209 is on the north end of the building.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Additional matinee performance Wednesday April 9 at 1pm

Greetings All!

Due to demand, we have added a matinee performance on our first Wednesday, April 9. In addition to the 10 am matinee, we will perform at 1pm. There will still not be an evening performance. Please let me know if you have any questions. Please help your child get homework, assignments, etc in advance to avoid challenges with their teachers.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rehearsal times

Hi everyone. We are going to be shooting to finishing rehearsal each evening at about 5.50 pm. There is another rehearsal that begins at 6 each night. Please plan your pickups accordingly. Thanks!